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Gaslit Nation

Sep 16, 2023

Quick reminder: This Monday 9/18, Andrea will be in discussion with historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author of the bestselling book Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present, and Russian mafia expert Olga Lautman of the Kremlin Files podcast to discuss the new Gaslit Nation graphic novel Dictatorship: It’s Easier Than You Think! and how to defeat Trump and Putin. Copies of the book signed by both Andrea and Sarah will be available at the event, which will be held at P&T Knitwear on the Lower East Side at 7pm. Our Patreon community can join Andrea starting at 6pm for free N95 masks and a signed Mr. Jones poster. Details here:

In this special and personal call to action, Andrea shares her story on why it’s important to interview someone you love while there’s still time: “On New Year's Day, we had to rush someone in my immediate family to the hospital. Since then, their health has been in decline as they battle two terminal illnesses. In February, I produced a list of questions for interviewing them on camera, to preserve their history as a treasured family keepsake, but life got in the way, and I waited too long to conduct the interview. When I finally managed to sit down with them for the interview, their health had declined to the point where they could no longer sit through more than 30 minutes of conversational talking. As they continue their treatments, we continue to do what we can as a family for our loved one as they bravely face the hardest battle of their life.

Don’t make the mistake I did. Make time to interview those you love as a celebration of your love and the family you were lucky to have been born into and/or the family you were lucky to make. We all need each other. No one gets through these times alone.” Here are the list of questions:

This week’s bonus episode is a response to a comment on last week’s bonus show on why Biden Must Declare a Climate Emergency. You can find that here: (There’s a free excerpt wherever you get your podcasts). That bonus episode created a lot of discussion among our listeners on Patreon, including one who commented that we’re inevitably headed towards mass violence. Are they right? And what does that mean and how can it be avoided? This deserves a much larger discussion, and we appreciate your comments. 

Sarah joins this week’s bonus episode to answer questions from our listeners. Our supporters on Patreon at the Truth-teller level and higher can submit their questions in the comments section or by sending a private message on Patreon. Subscribe today to join the conversation: 

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