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Gaslit Nation

Dec 20, 2023

While this news broke after we recorded this week’s episode, Gaslit Nation would like to congratulate the Colorado Supreme Court for being on the right side of history! With Trump disqualified from being on the ballot in Colorado, it’s now up to the Supreme Court, which Trump packed, to take up the case. However things go, it’s nice to finally see some justice for Trump’s massive treason, though small at this very late stage.

Terrell Starr of the essential Black Diplomats podcast is back on Gaslit Nation to discuss the latest polling revealing a generational split in the Democratic electorate when it comes to Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas War, especially the catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank, and Israel’s widely documented unchecked war crimes. The discussion includes the path forward to resolve the conflict, lessons from Ukraine, and why the Far Left needs to be morally consistent when it comes to foreign policy and elevating the voices of regional experts.

In this week’s bonus show, out later this week for our supporters at the Truth-teller level and higher, Terrell and Andrea discuss Zelensky vs. Orban and why Ukraine finally entering the European Union matters for security in Europe and the U.S. Orban is the darling of the America First crowd, but as Zelensky and the adults in the room of the E.U. showed, he’s just another scared “little man,” as the journalist Dorothy Thompson called the strongmen she covered, from Mussolini to Hitler to Stalin, during the 1930s.

To our Patreon community at the Truth-teller level and higher, save the date for our January 18th 8 pm ET social media workshop. If you hate social media, if you miss Old Twitter before Apartheid Barbie Musk deliberately destroyed it, if you want to elevate your voice for those who need your solidarity and support, then this is the workshop for you! We will be joined by organizer Rachel Brody, who helps various campaigns with their social media strategy and leads grassroots efforts to replace Jay Jacobs, the useless chair of the New York state Democratic Party who has cost this country so much. This is an event you’re not going to want to miss! To get access to our January 18th social media workshop, make sure you’re subscribed on Patreon at the Truth-teller level or higher at  

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Show Notes:

Opening Clip: From 2008 – Zbigniew Brezinki Schools Scarborough on Israel-Palestine

Clip: Clarissa Ward on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza:

Poll Finds Wide Disapproval of Biden on Gaza, and Little Room to Shift Gears

Clip: Exclusive: Highly classified binder went missing in Trump's final days in office

The U.S. Is About To Make A Decision At The U.N. That Could Change Gaza's Fate A vote Tuesday underscores the importance and the struggles of the U.S. mission to the United Nations and its leader, veteran diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Politico Europe: “Hours into negotiations on opening accession talks with Ukraine, it was Germany's Olaf Scholz who came up with the solution. Scholz told Orbán that he could leave the room so other leaders could take an unanimous decision, two officials said.”

Brady Africk on Twitter: “European Union leaders "agreed to open accession talks with Ukraine after a surprisingly rapid climbdown from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who left the room to allow an unanimous decision."

@CasualArtyFan: “Considering Norway’s defense budget is between 7-8 billion USD, this is a big deal, even if the aid is a combination military/economic.”

@United24media: “Kaja Kallas: We will support Ukraine militarily for at least 4 years with 0.25% of our GDP.”

@michaeldweiss: "Ukraine had completed 80% of reforms required for the first step to membership talks, and was expected to complete with 100% expected by spring. Bosnia, the diplomat said, had completed just 20%."

 @michaeldweiss: "British officials have told their Ukrainian counterparts the country will focus on bolstering Kyiv’s maritime capabilities as part of the planned MoU, The Telegraph can disclose."

The mystery of the missing binder: How a collection of raw Russian intelligence disappeared under Trump

The Guardian: ‘Art helps us imagine a future we wish to remember’: the photographer finding art in a war zone Six months after the war broke out in Ukraine, Daoud Sarhandi-Williams headed to Kyiv to photograph the city’s street art – and discovered images that capture the hopes and fears of a city