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Gaslit Nation

Oct 20, 2022

In this special interview with Gaby Goldstein, a co-founder of Sister District, we discuss the Supreme Court case Moore v. Harper, which the court agreed to hear December 7th. Just like Citizens United empowered dark money groups to turbo-charge America's descent into far-right fascism, Moore vs. Harper will unleash a far great danger: the end of our democracy as we know it -- state governments will essentially be allowed to override the will of voters.
The story of how we got here is one of state government power, and why, as we keep saying on the show, it's so important to fight like hell in state elections, and not just the races for Congress and president. You can join us in doing just that by making calls with Sister District and Gaslit Nation on Tuesday October 25th at 5pm EST -- we're calling voters in North Carolina to remind them to vote in their all important state elections. Every vote matters, and so does every phonecall we make together.
This interview ends with a quick training on making phone calls to voters and an important call to action to join our North Carolina phonebank with Sister District. You can sign up for this and other events on the Gaslit Nation 2022 Survival Guide. We look forward to seeing you Tuesday 5pm EST at our phonebank party with Sister District!