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Gaslit Nation

Mar 15, 2023

It looks like the Libertarians of Silicon Valley suddenly love government when they need the government to bail them out. Socialism for the mega-rich, taxes and fascism for the rest of us. In this week’s episode, we delve into the fantasy hellscape of Peter Thiel, his investments in surveillance tech and A.I. that would give aspiring autocrats like him unstoppable power; Dictator Xi of China as a warning of what could happen to the United States if the Silicon Valley Libertarian Fascist Brigade usher in Big Brother 2.0, why Democrats aren’t doing more to stop them (because some are cashing in!).

Thiel’s allegedly instigated banking collapse comes at an opportune time. Rattling the economy when the 2024 presidential elections are around the corner will drive economic anxiety and uncertainty at a time when Democrats need to defend the White House. This will pave the way for a wannabe fascist dictator like Ron DeSantis, the Viktor Orban of Florida, who is using the kind of anti-gay laws Putin used to consolidate power in Russia. DeSantis just gave an interview to Walter Duranty of Fox News, telling Tucker Carlson that supporting Ukraine in the face of an existential genocide from a modern day Hitler is not in the U.S. interests, which means he’s secured Russia’s help in the upcoming election.

In our bonus episode, we answer questions from our listeners at the Democracy Defender level and higher. This week’s discussion includes why we should keep an eye on Russia’s threat of invading Moldova (again!) to open up a new front to seize Ukraine; how to hold onto hope and push back against corruption; and how to organize one’s life to be creative and productive despite the hellscape we find ourselves in, and a fun story about a recent run-in with Hillary Clinton, possible Gaslit Nation listener? If you want to keep Gaslit Nation going and support the show, join our community of listeners on Patreon to get access to weekly bonus shows, ask us anything in our regular Q&As, and join live events. We couldn’t produce the journalism the world needs without you! 

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