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Gaslit Nation

Mar 21, 2023

Mass-murdering genocidal maniac and proud Russian imperialist and cult of Stalin worshipper Vladimir Putin has been indicted by the International Criminal Court at The Hague. This means there are 123 countries, including every European Union nation, that is legally obligated to arrest Putin should he step foot on their soil. It also means there's no going back to business as usual with Russia as long as Putin is in power. 

The ICC indictment and Putin's disasterous war put a big target on Putin's head. Fellow war criminal Igor Girkin who oversaw the early days of Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to openly critize Putin, telling him to "shut up" and accuses him of using a body double while the real Putin hides behind long tables. The in-fighting among Russian elite continues, threatening Putin's grip on power. He should stay away from windows and tea parties. Will an indictment of Trump, Putin's favorite asset -- a multi-decade investment via laundered dirty Russian money -- be next?

This week's bonus episode, excerpted here, opens with a discussion of the Putin indicment and the potential for a Trump indictment. We go on to answer questions from our listeners at the Democracy Defender level and higher. To submit questions to our regular Q&As, and join our community of listeners, subscribe and support our independent journalism by signing up at