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Gaslit Nation

Aug 16, 2023

That familiar refrain at Gaslit Nation: So many traitors, so little time. Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis made the time for a sweeping, detailed indictment of Trump and 18 others in his Kremlin Klown Kar for trying to overturn the will of the people of Georgia. You can read the annotated indictment here. And we finally got RICO! Charged with being the crime boss that he is, Trump faces a minimum of five years in prison if found guilty of racketeering.
RICO is historically used to break up organized crime as one of the indicted, Rudy Giuliani, knows very well. Trump's longtime friend and former lawyer Giuliani used RICO to go after the Italian mafia in New York City, which made room for Trump's longtime benefactors: the Russian mafia and their easy, endless supply of money. The Idiot Sons Don Jr. and Eric have even admited the Trump family's businesses depended on Russian money.
In this fourth (and counting?) Trump Indictment special, Andrea discusses some of the red flags, some reasons for hope, and what's next as a Russian mafia asset continues to run for president as Russia wages war against the democratic world, carrying out horrific war crimes and genocide in Ukraine.
For those in New York City, join Andrea, Russian mafia expert Olga Lautman, and historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat, the author of the bestselling book Stronmen: Mussolini to the Present, for a special live taping of Gaslit Nation on Monday September 18th at 7pm at the independent bookstore P&T Knitwear. There will be no livestream, unfortunately, but we'll run the episode soon after on Gaslit Nation. Patreon donors can join Andrea for a special in-person meet-up at 6pm before the event -- details to be sent out soon on Patreon! Sign up at for more info! Thank you to everyone who supports the show and makes our independent journalism possible. We could not make Gaslit Nation without you!
Show Notes:
Sean Hannity clip of Paul Manafort
Trump’s 4 indictments, ranked by the stakes
Rudy Giuliani, who pioneered the use of RICO when he was a US attorney, just got indicted on
RICO charges
I asked 11 legal experts if Trump’s lawyer obstructed justice
Paul Manafort’s Book Deal May Breach His Plea Agreement