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Gaslit Nation

Sep 23, 2023

This is an excerpt of Gaslit Nation's weekly bonus episode. To listen to the extended version, receive all episodes ad free, exclusive event invites, and join the conversation, support the show at 
The average bedtime for children is around 8pm. Late into the night, well past that hour, angry mobs honk and scream into bullhorns outside a migrant shelter on Staten Island. Their rioutous harassment, meant to terrorize the newly arrived aslym seekers that include children, can be heard in homes far up the street. This goes on night after night.
In this extra pissed off bonus episode of Gaslit Nation, Andrea explains how disinformation worsens the migrant crisis, why Republican crony Mayor Eric Adams with his Russian mobbed up pals is the worst person for this moment of crisis in New York City, and how Merrick Garland continues to empower corruption in America that profits off the demise of our democracy.
Unfortunately, the Hunter Biden investigation makes it nearly impossible for President Biden to replace Merrick Garland (though he should immediately!). But that would be seen by the hand-wringers in the Democratic Party establishment as feeding the far-right’s echochamber. As the clip of the recent Garland hearing in this episode shows, the DOJ was called on by Democratic members of Congress to investigate Clarence Thomas for being on the payroll of Nazi memorabilia enthusiast and far-right mega-donor Harlan Crow. When pressed on that matter, you can hear and/or see for yourself in the clip how Garland sounds dismissive, almost annoyed, like he doesn’t grasp the urgency–because he doesn’t. The latest bombshell investigation by ProPublica, out yesterday, exposes how Thomas worked fundraisers for a group that regularly took cases before him at the Supreme Court. (Look out for our interview with ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger about their damning investigations into Thomas, Alito, and what can be done about elite criminal impunity. Eisinger led the investigation of former Manhattan DA Cy Vance, Jr. who prevented indictments of Ivanka and Don Jr. for felony fraud after receiving a campaign donation from a Trump family lawyer).
Finally, the second half of this week’s bonus episode includes the live audience Q&A with Terrell Starr of the Black Diplomats podcast reporting from Kyiv. The audio of the first question was removed by request due to the personal nature of the matter: overcoming workplace abuse. If you or someone you know is struggling with an abusive workplace or related issues – whether it's in a corporation, a small business, or a partnership – seek legal help immediately. Contact your state’s local bar association for lawyers willing to do pro bono work or a free consultation. In a time of great economic uncertainty, people are increasingly vulnerable to workplace abuse, whether financial, emotional, or both, and being exploited – so get the help and support you need by taking a meeting with a lawyer to know your rights. You will be glad you did.
Question for our audience: Given the Nazi viper den of Twittrer, and the harmful abuse there targeting vulnerable communities, what are some other social media sites that you’re increasingly turning to and find helpful? Let us know in the comments!
Show Notes:
Everything you can do today to help asylum seekers in NYC
Chaos in Staten Island: NYC protesters arrested trying to stop busses carrying migrants
Attorney General Merrick Garland testifies before House Judiciary Committee
Garland hears first real Democratic criticism from Rep. Cori Bush [Search article for Cori Bush’s name]
Latest ProPublica Investigation: Clarence Thomas Secretly Participated in Koch Network Donor Events
Clarence Thomas’ 38 Vacations: The Other Billionaires Who Have Treated the Supreme Court Justice to Luxury Travel
Merrick Garland’s Eyes Wide Shut