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Gaslit Nation

Mar 16, 2024

Welcome to Gaslit Nation where we name and shame! This week, meet the Kremlin Caucus and their financial backers. What started off with Putin groupie Dana Rohrabacher, a former Congressman from Orange County, has grown into a proud fascist movement threatening our democracy and Ukraine’s very survival. 


Want to see the posh yearbook photos of the banality of evil? Check out the show notes below, listing the Kremlin Caucus members in the House and the Senate. Explore the many white faces from mostly Republican-hostage states like Florida and Texas that, like their ideological forbears before them that carried out slavery and the genocide of indigenous peoples, have no problem destroying innocent lives and raking in blood money to stay in power. Russian mafia expert Olga Lautman and Monique Camarra of the Kremlin File podcast join Andrea to discuss these threats to our democracy and how to confront them, and remind the disillusioned once again–no, Biden and Trump are not the same, especially when one candidate enjoys Hitler cosplay. 


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Show Notes


Get to Know the Kremlin Caucus and Their Financial Backers






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