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Gaslit Nation

Jun 12, 2024

Eighty years after countless people gave their lives liberating Europe, fascism makes a comeback in the recent European elections. 

In this week’s Gaslit Nation, Terrell Starr of the essential Black Diplomats Podcast and Substack joins Andrea to discuss the recent European elections and what they mean for the global democratic alliance, including our own elections in the U.S. Reporting from L’viv, Terrell shares what life is like in Ukraine after MAGA Mike Johnson deliberately delayed Ukraine aid for six critical months. Andrea updates Terrell on the latest in the Trump trial, and they discuss what it means for Ukrainians watching a reality TV horror show of an election in the U.S. that their very democracy depends on. 

This week’s bonus show out Saturday morning, exclusive to subscribers at the Truth-teller ($5/month) and higher on Patreon, is a discussion of why the Democrats don’t have their own Project 2025. So Gaslit Nation makes one, with a little help from Elizabeth Warren’s plans! We also discuss the toxic industrial complex of far-right funded fake progressives who are paid trolls of foreign enemies/dictatorships like Russia and Iran and anti-democracy American oligarchs like Peter Thiel, bought off to divide and conquer the Left. 

Subscribe at to hear all bonus shows, get all episodes ad free, invites to exclusive events, and more! Thank you to everyone who supports the show – we could not make Gaslit Nation without you! Here are some of the exciting events we have coming up for our Patreon community: 

Investigative Journalist Craig Unger Live-Taping - June 25th 12pm ET: 

  • June 25th is George Orwell’s birthday! Come celebrate with us at a live taping of Gaslit Nation, featuring another fearless journalist, Craig Unger, the author of several bestselling books: House of Trump, House of Putin; House of Bush, House of Saud; and American Kompromat: How the KGB Cultivated Donald Trump, and Related Tales of Sex, Greed, Power, and Treachery (which features his reporting on Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile global crime syndicate). Joining the live-taping will be Russian mafia expert Olga Lautman and European analyst Monique Camarra of Kremlin File. Drop your questions in the chat! Be sure to subscribe at the Truth-teller tier ($5/month) or higher to get your ticket on A zoom link will be sent out the morning of the event. Thank you to everyone who supports the show! 

Cult Expert Dr. Janja Lalich Live-Taping - July 15 8pm ET

  • July 15th kicks off the Republican National Convention/Hitler rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To help us cope with the mainstream media, especially the New York Times, continuing to normalize Trump and his MAGA cult, we’re producing a live taping with cult expert Dr. Janja Lalich. Bring your questions about how to navitage this perilous time of rampant disinformation and manipulation, learn the signs of cult grooming, and how to help loved ones who have fallen victim. This will be Dr. Lalich’s second time on the show. You can listen to the interview with her from April 2022 here. Subscribe at the Truth-teller tier ($5/month) or higher to get your ticket on A zoom link will be sent out the morning of the event. Thank you to everyone who supports the show! 

In the Shadow of Stalin Book Launch - September 

  • Gaslit Nation will host a live taping at a book launch in New York City for In the Shadow of Stalin, the graphic novel adaptation of Mr. Jones. It includes scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut of the film, or it would have been three hours long! The evening will include a special meet-up just for Patreon supporters. We look forward to sharing more details as we get closer. If you want a book event/live taping of Gaslit Nation in your town or city, let us know! 

Indivisible x Gaslit Nation Phonebank Party! - June 20th - NEW TIME 7pm ET

  • Open to all, Gaslit Nation and Indivisible are kicking things off early this year, really early! When there’s such a thing as Project 2025, there’s no time to waste. Come join us for our first phone bank party of the season, as we make calls to our fellow citizens in Republican hostage states, to refuse to abandon those on the frontlines of American authoritarianism, and to plant seeds of change. We’re going in! 

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Show Notes:

Black Diplomats on Substack

Opening Clip: Breaking down the far-right wins in European elections, Macron's call for election

Closing Clip: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky shared an emotional moment with an American D-Day veteran during a ceremony in Normandy, France, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the historic landing.

Ivan Ilyin, Putin’s Philosopher of Russian Fascism