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Gaslit Nation

Dec 23, 2023

In a year of hellfire, there were some signs of hope, including Ukraine moving closer to joining the European Union. Countless Ukrainians gave their lives for this, beginning with around 100 pro-democracy protesters killed by the riot police of Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian Trump brought to power by longtime Kremlin operative Paul Manafort. 

Even Viktor Orban, the wannabe strongman of Hungary, couldn’t stop Ukraine from moving closer to its long held and long sacrificed for European dreams. This special bonus show is a roast of Orban by Andrea and Terrell Starr of the Black Diplomats podcast. Zelensky recently got into Orban’s face, reminding us again that he’s a streetfighter showing the world how to stand up to bullies. Watch the infamous video clip of that here. This international humiliation of Orban was followed by even more humiliation as EU leaders asked Orban to leave the room so they could unanimously vote on Ukraine moving forward in the process for membership. Orban left the room, and the vote passed. This lively discussion is a reminder that bullies can be contained. 

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