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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Aug 12, 2019

We're out in the woods for Mobile Kino's annual camping trip. The Lakeside Film Festival is in its sixth year, and this was the biggest so far. We interview founders Joshua and Fernando about their recent scare with Facebook's business-killing algorithm.

How will Berlin's five-year rent cap affect you? If you got a rent increase notice before June 18, you may have to pay it. But the rental experts at say at least 50% of rent increase notices have technical errors that make them invalid. Check with them first before you sign anything - it could save you cash for years to come.

What could happen to Berlin under a strict rent cap? Investors may flee - or be incentivised to build new flats, which are exempt from the rent cap. Landlords may stop maintaining their buildings - but renters can undertake the maintenance themselves and deduct the costs from their rent. Joel says the biggest thing to fear under a rent cap is ourselves. Tenants will be tempted to sublease at higher rates. Berlin's renters will need to stick together and resist overcharging our housemates.

There's a state election on in Brandenburg. The Alternative für Deutschland, or AfD, is leading in the polls at 21%, and also have the most posters up on the countryside roads. We discuss their empty slogans, which appeal to the grievances of East Germans who feel left behind the rest of the country, without offering any real policies to boost the local economy.

Caroline Clifford guest hosts, and tells us about how much she loves camping. Caroline is the host of We Are Not Gemused, an open mic night at Sameheads.