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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Nov 4, 2013

It's referendum time in Berlin. The city is voting whether to de-privatize the electricity grid, although international residents cannot take part. Another referendum is looming next year, this one about the future of Tempelhof airport park, and whether any building should take place there. A Berlin entrepreneur has come up with a new app that would allow citizens to take photos of badly parked cars and submit them to the city authorities for punishment. The app will be called Straensherif, although Maisie thinks it should be called Stasi 3.0. Joran Mandik takes us on an architectural audio tour of the old Kindl Brauerei in Neukolln, which is now being turned into a cultural center. Joel joins us again, back from a month in Australia and New Zealand, where he heard more German being spoken on the streets than in Kreuzberg.