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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Aug 24, 2018

TV series Babylon Berlin is searching for 3000 extras, but bearded men need not apply. You must be over 1.86 meters tall and be prepared to get a 1920s haircut. Maisie is thrilled about the mass make-over of Berlin blokes. Sign up at Agentur Filmgesichter.
The Berlin Wall is being rebuilt to create a totalitarian theme park in Mitte. The art project Dau will submit visitors to mild oppression and screen lengthy films. It will run from from October 12 til November 9, when the "Wall" will be demolished. Couldn't they use it to patch up the East Side Gallery?
Algae is blooming in Berlin lakes post-heatwave. But don't worry, it's still safe to swim. The Berlin health authorities have tested the water and found no deadly blue-green algae. Meanwhile, Alternativ für Deutschland leader Alexander Gauland is now pushing a new and rather bleak right-wing position, acknowledging the reality of climate change but saying humans can't do anything about it. Is this the start of 'climate change realism' - to borrow from Mark Fisher's capitalist realism?
Wondering why Berlin doesn't have any electric scooters yet? The stand-up scooters are appearing in cities worldwide as investors rush to find the next trend after shared bikes. But in Germany motorized scooters are classified as road vehicles, restricting their use.
This episode was presented by Maisie Hitchcock and Joel Dullroy, and brought to you by RadioEins.