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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Aug 14, 2017

Meet Diana Arce, host of Politaoke, a cross between karaoke and political speeches. She hosts events where people read topical political rants while the audience boos and cheers. Diana is also part of White Guilt Cleanup, a service for people who don't know how to handle topics of race. Find out more at and We're live at the Mobile Kino Summer Camp at Klingemühle in Brandenburg, along with the brave folk who took a chance on the weather. There's a referendum coming up on September 24, the same day as the federal election. The question will be: should Berlin keep Tegel airport operating when BER finally opens? The no camp says Tegel will cost too much to renovate. The yes camp says it's necessary due to rising tourist traffic. Does Berlin really need more tourism? The Berlin Senate has finished a new law that ensures bicycle infrastructure will improve. There will be 50,000 new bike parking spots near public transport, including parking boxes. Bike lanes will be widened, a 100km bicycle highway will be opened, and dangerous spots will be fixed. If the Senate fails to deliver, social groups can sue to force them. Joel's got a new society startup idea: "Flat Rate Living - an all-inclusive way of life. All services provided free for 90% of your income." This episode was hosted by Jöran Mandik, Joel Dullroy and Caroline Clifford.