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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Mar 23, 2020

How are we going to survive this month of Sundays? Berlin freelancers are being promised €5000 cash, but who can get it and how? Rent payments could be delayed so we can stay in our flats and keep our shops. And… what good changes have come from our time under lockdown?

Keen to maintain their distance from one another, Radio Spaetkauf's Joel Dullroy, Jöran Mandik, Daniel Stern- in Berlin- and Maisie Hitchcock - in the UK- linked up remotely using the wonders of modern technology.

The lockdown has expanded: restaurants and cafes can no longer open their doors, but supermarkets can, even on Sundays. Although they don't actually seem to want to. More radically, Spätkaufs have finally received legal permission to open on Sundays!

Sick of staying indoors? You might have to get used to it. Gatherings of more than 2 people are now forbidden, as is going out in more than twos, unless you're a family.
But Berlin's Mayor Michael Müller doesn't want to bring in a total lockdown. His coalition partners the Greens and Die Linke are also wary of restricting everyone to their apartments. The Berlin CDU is calling for a 21 day total lockdown.

Morality over science? Reports about so-called corona parties are getting old folks worked up into a moral panic. But are young people really to blame? Joel makes a case for defending the young, who have sacrificed their liberty and opportunities during the crisis, in order to protect the old.

Self-employed or freelance and wondering how you're going to survive? Help is at hand: the German government has announced a plan for an aid package for the self-employed and other small companies in the Corona crisis. We talk about some of the options on the table, as well as extending tax deadlines, options for KSK members , and applying for good old-fashioned Hartz IV.

No earnings, means that both tenants and landlords with mortgages will be struggling. Luckily there's the rent delay law, and a proposed mortgage holiday for landlords. And we also talk help for those who aren't lucky enough to have a roof over their heads.

Good news! Last show's guest, Ben Maclean is negative! He's still in quarantine though...

Some recommendations for home entertainment: Dj sets at
For eclectic sets from international Berlin-based DJs & former members of the Scrufix collective, follow

The Sameheads pub quiz: March 30th - on the Sameheads website and Facebook

One venue that is streaming performances is Donau 115, a little experimental jazz bar on Donaustraße in Neukölln.