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Radio Spaetkauf Berlin

Aug 9, 2017

Meet our guest host Caroline Clifford, who will also join us at this weekend’s Mobile Kino Summer Camp live recording! Over 210,000 posters are going up on the lampposts for the federal election, happening on September 24. The AFD posters manage to be both racist and sexist: “Burkas? We’d rather bikinis.” We doubt they’d really be happy with streets full of half-naked women. What’s a souvenir these days? A Berlin court has decided that teapots, cake slicers and cheese graters are not. A kitchenware in Mitte was fined for opening on Sundays: only tourist shops are allowed to do that. Permitted souvenirs include street maps, guidebooks, tobacco, film and camera items. When was the last time anyone bought film? Berlin's cute little squirrels are suffering from a virus that makes wounds grow on their paws. The squirrels can't hold on to trees because their fingers are stuck together. The wounds can be so painful that the poor squirrels sometimes die from shock. The condition has been named the Berliner Eichhörnchenvirus. The abbreviation "späti" has been entered into Germany's respected Duden dictionary. Also going in the dictionary is "Icke." It’s all a publicity stunt as dictionaries are in decline. The U1 is running again after a few weeks of repairs, but the U6 and U7 will be affected by repair work at Mehringdamm station that will last until September 3. Join us on Sunday August 13 for a live recording at the Mobile Kino Summer Camp, taking place at Klingemühle, 100km east of Berlin. This episode was hosted by Jöran Mandik, Joel Dullroy and Caroline Clifford.