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Bulkloads Podcast

Oct 28, 2019

Today Jared speaks with Faith Larson of Grainbridge about their new platform that digitally connects farmers with grain buyers.  If you have wanted to find a different way to connect, you may have just found your answer.  



Oct 21, 2019

Today Jared speaks with Blue Sexton of Vertex Transit, LLC about the state of the oil and gas industry.  Anyone in the bulk freight industry knows what kind of an impact this is having on their bottom line.  Jared and Blue will discuss what carriers can do to weather the storm.  



Oct 14, 2019

Today Jared discusses the gray areas in fuel surcharges with Wayne Levinson and a lot of the topics about rates that people don’t understand.  When are fuel surcharges used most frequently?  Why were fuel surcharges started in the first place?  Examples of how fuel surcharges work and how they might different for a...

Oct 7, 2019

Chad Sager with Farm Strategy of Ellsworth, Kanas, a long time friend and co-worker of Jared’s, comes on to speak about pain points in farming, finding more value in crops and streamlining the business of farming.  Also, they will discuss helping wheat mills to source grain from specific companies, and matching all of...