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Bulkloads Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

Jared brings on Will Allen, President of AW Collects and Freight Checkers, to talk about multiple important topics related to the trucking industry. Will talks about non-payments, identity theft, double brokering, and much more.


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Mar 21, 2022

Jared brings on BulkTMS Director, Caleb Kindle, to discuss what's happening at the National Grain and Feed Association conference. They discuss the speakers, topics that were brought up and overall highlights.

Mar 14, 2022

Jared brings on David Buonerba with Bulk Cargo Systems to discuss his latest innovation, the Eco Van Tank. This product allows liquid to be hauled in an enclosed trailer such as a dry van or reefer.   


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Mar 7, 2022

Jared brings on Keith Eastman with Trinity Trailers to talk about new trailer innovations! Keith brings insight to the belt trailer world and explains some of the benefits of owning one. Jared and Keith also dive into what makes a successful bulk hauler.


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