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Catholic Sprouts: Daily Podcast for Catholic Kids

Jan 26, 2024

What is sacrifice? Join us as we explore this important term and understand how it relates to our relationship with God and with other people. We have a great saint celebrating a feast day each day this week who will offer us all powerful lessons on sacrifice!

+ MONDAY: Learn from Blessed Laura Vicana that a sacrifice is a GIFT.

+ TUESDAY: Learn from Saint Marianne Cope why it is important we offer God the best of what we have or who we are.

+ WEDNESDAY: Learn from Saint Francis de Sales how to make each and every moment of our lives a sacrifice to God when we Ask, Offer, and Accept.

+ THURSDAY: Learn from Saint Paul about the greatest gift (sacrifice) you have every received, and how to celebrate that each time you attend Holy Mass.

+ FRIDAY: Learn from Saints Timothy and Titus about how God can not be outdone in generosity, and why we should never fear that we will be without when we offer something to God.


And Lent is a GREAT time to revisit the sacrifices you make for God. If you are planning to join the many other families using the JESUS TREE LENTEN DEVOTIONAL, place your order soon so it arrives on time to get started on Ash Wednesday!

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