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Catholic Sprouts: Daily Podcast for Catholic Kids

Feb 20, 2024

This week we are continuing our 40 days with the Martyr's Lenten Series! Join us in saying this prayer each day:


O God, Who caused St. Peter, the apostle, to depart, loosed from his chains and unhurt,

loose, we beg You, the chains of our sins,

and graciously keep all evils far from us.

Bless us this Lent and give us the faith of the martyrs.

We ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.



+ MONDAY: St. Boniface, England and Germany, 680-754

+ TUESDAY: St. Cecilia, Rome, d 230

+ WEDNESDAY: St. Charles Lwanga, Uganda, 1860-1886

+ THURSDAY: St.Devasahayam, India, 1712-1752

+ FRIDAY: St. Edith Stein, Germany, 1891-1942

+ SATURDAY: St. Eulalia, 290-304, Spain


We will be doing something special for Lent on the Catholic Sprouts Podcast. Join us for Lent with the Martyrs. Purchase this fun PDF guide and create a chain that will count down to Easter and remind you to strive to let God break the chains of sin and death this Lent. It's just $7--and your purchase is a GREAT way to support the Catholic Sprouts Podcast!


ALSO! Don't miss our virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land this Saturday inside the Clubhouse! Our Clubhouse Tour Guide, Jenna, will be taking us to the sites of Jesus' public ministry! Head here to log into the Clubhouse or join if you aren't already a member:



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