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Catholic Sprouts: Daily Podcast for Catholic Kids

Apr 30, 2024

This week we are honoring all children who have or will be receiving their First Holy Communion this Spring with stories from our new book, Stories of Holy Communion. All of the saints were devoted to the Eucharist and at one point, they all received Jesus for the first time! Listen to their stories and may their hunger for Jesus increase your own!

+ MONDAY: The Story of how St. Gerald received his First Holy Communion from St. Michael (seriously!!!)

+ TUESDAY: The Story of Little Nellie of Holy God, a remarkable 4 year old who can inspire us all with Eucharistic Devotion.

+ WEDNESDAY:  Tune in for the the Story of St. Tarcisius, an altar server from the early church that gave his life protecting the Eucharist.

+ THURSDAY: The Story of how the Fatima Visionaries receive their first Holy Communion from an angel!

+ FRIDAY: The ordinary yet powerful story of St. Therese's holy communion. Nothing miraculous happened, and yet this simple moment offers us the very path to heaven.

All of these stories come from our new book, STORIES OF HOLY COMMUNIONS which is on sale now, and selling fast! If you would like a copy for your own home, you can get it here:

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