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The Level Up Podcast

Jul 19, 2019

This episode is sponsored by our good friends at Trust Me Ed- an unbelievable online learning platform essentially working as a "netflix for physiotherapists." Use the discount code LevelUP30 to get 30% off an annual subscription!




In todays episode we have a very special guest, Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson, live from New Zealand.

Bronnie is someone we admire and look up to in this field, and we feel so lucky to learn from her in this episode.

We mostly focused in around her PhD thesis "What can learn from those living well with chronic pain?" but also included: 


BIG QUESTIONS (questions posed and addressed in this episode):

 Why can some people cope well with chronic pain, while others cannot?

How can one live well with chronic pain? (focus of Bronnie’s research)

What beliefs and attitudes surround pain in our culture?

Should clinicians focus only on pain reduction, or recognize that pain reduction might not be possible and help clients live well in the meantime?

How can new clinicians deal with failure to eradicate pain?

What is the difference between pain and suffering?

And, how is pain management like brushing your teeth?


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