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The Level Up Podcast

Aug 16, 2019

Join us for an authentic conversation with Barbell Medicine’s Austin Baraki MD.

True to form, we had a very open and honest conversation about Austin’s perspective on aspects of healthcare he would love to see improved upon. We learned more about his story, and how he came to be passionate about all things strength training, pain, and behavior change. He also has some fantastic advice on several topics including better strategies for discussing evidence with colleagues and MDs.

Most importantly, while still “in our echo chamber,” Austin’s perspective is very helpful to understand what is going on in the big world of healthcare, beyond the rehab field.

We will be hosting Dr. Michael Ray and Dr. Derek Miles of BBM in November at our clinic in Boston

Pain and Rehab Seminar


Our friends at RX strength training will be hosting Dr. Austin Baraki and the BBM team for their seminar in April

BBM Seminar