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The Level Up Podcast

Sep 27, 2019

A common misunderstanding regarding "pain science" is that we are attempting to teach people about pain with the intent to lessen their pain (and rightfully so).

And to be quite honest, I was definitely someone who was doing intensive pain neuroscience education with that intent.

But as I have matured and reflected hard on the evidence, I realize that helping people learn more about pain is less about ridding it, and more about helping patients to gain more confidence with moving in the face of it. Words can straight up be disabling (and we have decades of compelling evidence to support this claim) and this is a HUGE part of why we started Level Up!

This episode is a great example of what can happen when words leave a lasting impact on peoples being. I hope this episode can demonstrate some transparency with what my approach might look like with this subset of presentation.

Thank you SO much to Rachel for being such an inspiring and bad-ass human and coming on the show to open up about how this approach was life changing for her. So amazing to have "ex-patients" become advocates for not only what we do, but helping to change the societal folk model of healthcare.





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