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The Level Up Podcast

Oct 25, 2019

This episode is sponsored by our friends at Physio Network. They run the industry standard research review translating the most recent research into practical information with some of the most incredible contributors. They have been a huge asset in our clinical growth. Learn more about their monthly research review HERE


Greg has arguably been one of the most influential people in my career - so it was really quite an honor to have him on this podcast and have a candid conversation.

I have learned a ton from Greg, and while some of this is covered, we actually tackle a bigger topic as well.

Greg has been practicing now for almost 20 years!!! I think for many of us we first learn about “pain science” and the BPS model and our first reaction is something like “holy crap, how have I never heard or seen this before??? Is this a new thing???”

Well, we know folks have been advocating for this stuff for decades…but I figured who better to have a conversation with, then someone who has been pushing for a paradigm shift for 2 decades.

In today’s episode we talk about trends in today’s practice…has anything really changed in his 20 years? Are we making progress?

We also talk a lot about what “current best practice” looks like and we share some gems that have been transformational nuggets that I have taken away from Greg’s courses over the years.

Please give it a listen and share it around! I think this is a conversation our profession needs to hear and discuss further!



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