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The Level Up Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

Looking for more clinical education? Welcome to CALU Clinical Files: Level Up Edition. Today, Shelbie Miller will be walking us through her thought process on a challenging clinical presentation of a mother and fitness instructor who suffered a complex set of injuries and trauma following a motor vehicle accident.

Case Description:

A 36 year-old female fitness instructor sustained right arm weakness, pain, numbness, and color changes during a motor vehicle accident. She was in the car with her children and admits to having nightmares and anxiety every night since the accident. This patient presented to PT 1 month later with a guarded arm, gross arm weakness that did not follow a specific pattern, significant grip weakness, lateral hand numbness and admitted to a syncope episode after the accident. She has difficulty with all ADLs and hopes to return to teaching barre and cycling classes. Tune in to hear how to navigate a complex case by addressing the psychosocial factors at play as well as the exercise progression used to return this patient back to fitness instructing!

Let us know what ya think and if you have any questions on the clinical reasoning/management, shoot us a message!
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