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The Level Up Podcast

Jun 11, 2021

Find yourself feeling burnt out? You will DEFINITELY want to listen in on this one!

Dr. Thomas Lee, author of “Becoming a Good Doctor,” is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. This was a fruitful conversation on providing pragmatic ways to help create a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Episode topics

✅ Elements of a good team

✅ Balancing care for the team with care for the individuals on the team

✅ Elements of burnout 

✅ Solutions to address and prevent it

✅ Inherent rewards and external stressors of working in healthcare 

✅ Using fury as fuel 

✅ Reengineering the patient experience to reduce fear 

✅ The intersection between a compassionate business model and a profitable one

✅ Empathy

Podcast team: @weswax @jasmine_dragon831
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