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The Level Up Podcast

Jun 25, 2021

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Rachel Zoffness and have an open conversation about the merits of pain education, some critiques of pain education, but most importantly, help provide a crash course in relevant pain neuroscience along with some practical ways to start weaving it into your patient care!
Dr. Z is a fierce advocate for pushing the collective healthcare industry forward and we were pumped to have her on! Make sure you toss her a follow and check out her pain workbook if you are looking to learn more from her!
Episode Topics:
✅ Chronic pain from the perspective of a pain psychologist
✅ What actually goes into our experience of pain?
✅ How much agency do we actually have over our body and our pain?
✅ Cognitive behavioral therapy
✅ Interpreting the evidence  
✅ Individualizing the treatment plan
✅ Defining successful treatment
✅ Setting realistic expectations
✅ Creating opportunities for mastery experiences
✅ Barriers to this treatment
Podcast team: @weswax @jasmine_dragon831
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