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The Level Up Podcast

Jul 24, 2021

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of sitting down with three incredibly bright, passionate, and humble clinicians and philosophers to have a jam-packed conversation reflecting on clinical practice, and more specifically, the philosophy of pain we use to navigate MSK pain and rehab.

While reflecting on your own biases can be challenging, it is ultimately the only way to improve, get better, and provide better care! And, the more you do it, it almost becomes “fun.”

Here are some of the episode topics we covered, and we really hope that you enjoy the discussion!!!

✔️Philosophical frameworks for understanding pain

✔️Acute vs. chronic pain

✔️At what point does acute transition to chronic?

✔️How are they different aside from temporality?

✔️Operational definitions for philosophical terms

  • Phenomenology, Existentialism, Salience, Valence, Enactivism, Affordances

✔️The role of clinicians in helping patients expand possible affordances

✔️How expectations influence pain experience

✔️Can clinicians really be objective?

✔️How an enactive approach is like a cake

✔️How an enactive approach is also like a video game

Tune in and let us know what ya think!

Thank you again to Mike, Sabrina, and Peter for such a wonderful conversation!

Podcast team: @weswax and @jasmine_dragon831