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The Level Up Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Have you ever felt:

  • The things you learned in school don't matter?
  • Paralyzed by the nocebo overlords on how to communicate exam findings in a way that doesn't nocebo your patients?

Well then, this episode is most definitely for you. But this episode will benefit anyone who is dedicated to growing as a clinician and looking to provide best care.

In this next portion of the clin-ed series, we take some time to discuss one of the most critical elements of being a competent clinician AND communicator, which is....having a rock solid orthopedic foundation!

The problem is, this foundation absolutely needs to be broadened and reconciled if you really want to provide that A1 care!!!

What we learn is school is so important, but if we leave it at that, it is often incomplete, and has the potential to be harmful to our patients.

In this episode we clarify more on:

  • New Grad Nihilism Crisis aka “nothing matters” phase
  • Differential Diagnosis Prep Work informing solid history taking
  • “The Diagnosis Dilemma" and the importance of context when discussing exam findings.
  • The Power of Prognosis 
  • How to communicate "uncertainty" with conviction
  • How to expand and reconcile a rock solid orthopedic foundation.

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