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The Level Up Podcast

Mar 25, 2022

In this special episode of the clin ed series, we bring you the audio cast of a free lecture recorded and housed on our CALU YouTube.

This presentation was originally created for a local DPT program, but it serves as the perfect piece for this aspect of our clin ed curriculum.

In this podcast you will:

  • Appreciate the inherent uncertainty embedded in clinical care.
  • Understand why embracing uncertainty allows for more authentic communication skills and clinical confidence.
  • Explore how to cultivate humility and why this is critical for doctor-patient relationships and meaningful professional development.

We hope that after listening to this, you will have more guidance, direction, and confidence with your clinical communication skills and critical thinking!

You can watch the lecture on our CALU YouTube here:

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Thank you to our podcast team:
Producer: @WesWax
Intern: @jasmine_dragon831


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