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The Level Up Podcast

Apr 22, 2022

What if we told you one of the ultimate keys to growing as a clinician could be found from the field of…Cooking?
Today, we are joined by one of the BIGGEST influences on the Level Up and CALU community, Derek Miles.
Derek is one of those people that is loaded with wisdom, and his unique background in cooking provides some ripe opportunities for analogies and incredible lessons that transcend the kitchen and take us into the clinic.
While he is famous for his cut rate IG series “cooking with adhesions,” this discussion is focused on a totally different set of key messages to be gleaned from the culinary field.
I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and think you will too! So give this episode a listen and make sure you are following Derek (@derek_barbellmedicine)Please be sure to give our podcast a rating if you find it helpful, and share it around!
Thank you to our podcast team:
Producer: @WesWax
Intern: @jasmine_dragon831
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