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The Level Up Podcast

Jan 13, 2023

In today's episode, we sit down with founder of HQPT, Ryan Baugus, and we discuss something we are very excited to bring to this community: a fresh perspective on Corporate Wellness.

When Ryan was telling me about what they are doing with corporate wellness, it felt like something you all needed to hear.

This could be the perfect thing for you to explore in 2023 not only as a way to make a large community impact, but as a killer way to beef up additional revenue streams for your clinical business.

In this 40' conversation, Ryan explains how and why they began their corporate wellness initiative, what a modern day CALU-aligned corporate wellness partnership looks like, and how YOU, yes, YOU, can look get started with seeing if this makes sense for your business in 2023.

Ryan is going to be working a select number of people to help them bring this to their own companies. So if this episode resonated with you, you can apply HERE or reach out to Ryan directly @hq_pt

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