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The Level Up Podcast

Oct 12, 2019

In this episode, we get an opportunity to go behind the scenes of the mind behind arguably one of the most successful private practices in the country. But let's define what we mean by success... Rehab 2 Perform has set the bar for:

-Contemporary Clinical Excellence (Strength and Conditioning, Pain Science, Communication Skills)

-New Grad Development

-Person Centered Care

-Profitability and Scalability

Josh shares invaluable insights into his vision for what PT can truly look like, the values he looks for when creating his team, and his thoughts on making an impact both in healthcare and in his community.

If you are a student or new graduate looking to network and get involved with clinics like R2P make sure you are in our Level Up Community FB page and consider signing up for our FREE 4 month mentorship to help you gain the values that TOP clinics like these look for!