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The Level Up Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

We are very grateful to have a lot of Temple DPT students involved in Level Up. After getting connected to Bill Egan and Trish Crane, two faculty within Temple, it makes total sense why their students are gravitating towards our community.
You know when you just connect with people and the conversation is just super easy and fun? That was our experience talking with both Bill and Trish, so we were SO excited about featuring them and all the amazing things they are doing at Temple DPT!They are both such humble, dedicated, curious, and just straight up real people, and they are truly leading by example within their program at Temple DPT.
This episode was such a fun conversation, and think it will leave you feeling inspired by what they are doing. Please share this with students, faculty, and clinicians you think would benefit from hearing this!(and if you appreciate the show, you can show us some love and leave us a review!)
Episode Topics:
:white_check_mark:Catalysts for personal/professional/therapeutic paradigm-shifting

:white_check_mark:Evolution of evidence-based practice in education and in the clinic  

:white_check_mark:Fellowships and their capacity to improve clinical decision-making and pattern recognition 

:white_check_mark:Balancing emphasis on information vs. skills in education

:white_check_mark:Repackaging manual therapy as one tool in a box of many rather than an entire approach

:white_check_mark:Leveraging the placebo effect in an ethical way

:white_check_mark:Optimizing educational curriculums to produce well-rounded & effective practitioners 

:white_check_mark:How pain science education impacts clinical decision-making

:white_check_mark:Attributes of a healthy healthcare workplace culture
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