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Writer's Detective Bureau

Nov 24, 2019

Adam answers your questions about: an investigation into a justified shooting, where FBI books their arrestees, and calling for back-up. A transcript is available at

Nov 17, 2019

Adam talks about the 20BooksVegas conference and answers questions about police acronyms and slang like POI and UNSUB, as well as the more technical side of setting up a wiretap investigation. Transcript available at

Nov 10, 2019

Adam answers your questions about what constitutes a hate crime, how to use search warrants in a proactive investigation where a crime hasn’t occurred yet, and death investigations in paradise. Transcript and show-notes available here:

Nov 2, 2019

Adam answers your questions about the role subject matter experts play in an investigation, the real purpose behind those red dot lasers sights for firearms, and his thoughts behind approaching a suspect you want to interview. Transcript and shownotes are available at