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Work From The Inside Out

Nov 11, 2020

As a kid in Phoenix, Arizona, Lizabeth Wesely-Casella did not dream about what she wanted to be when she grew up. In high school, while her friends were taking the SAT’s to apply for college, she was busy working as a hostess in a restaurant. Lizabeth simply believed that people work from the ground up, as this was what her family modeled for her. She was aware of the difference between her path and that of her friends, but she felt that her early career choices were relatable. 

In her early 30’s, Lizabeth attended college after a solid career in administrative services and financial operations in a few industries. By that time, she had relocated to Washington D.C. as she wanted to be closer to policymakers who were developing the regulations that impacted some of the industries she had worked in.

Once she graduated from school, Lizabeth went the entrepreneurial route and in 2011 she launched her current company, L-12 Services, LLC, a firm specializing in internal communications, training, and executive virtual assistance. She provides lean process design skills to identify where businesses can overcome challenges related to scaling process breakdown workflow management and culture. 

In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about Lizabeth’s journey:

  • Lizabeth organized a process and communication change coalition for First Lady Michelle Obama's signature program Let's Move in 2014. 
  • She is the advisory board chair for the Association of Virtual Assistants and a member of the Mental Health Advisory Council.

“Practicing patience and gratitude are the best practices that I try and engage in every day. I make it a point to start out my day realizing what I'm grateful for and I end my day with a list of some things I can improve.”  -- Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

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