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ON THE KNOWS with Randall Kenneth Jones, the NEW Jones.Show Podcast

Oct 21, 2021

A renowned fitness expert, author, and columnist for more than 40 years, Denise Austin, is a champion for women who aspire to be healthy, active, and vital at every stage of life. Denise’s trademark zest for life, positive outlook, and purposeful attitude have endeared her to millions of fans across the country and helped make her a leader in the fitness industry.

Throughout her career, Denise has worked with countless women across the globe, helping them reach their fitness goals in ways that fit their lifestyle. She has sold 25 million exercise videos, published 12 books, and hosted the number one fitness show in television history for 24 years.

Now, Denise Austin has shifted her focus to helping women create a lifestyle that fits their goals through her Ever Better program. Ever Better is about being balanced, healthy, and energized to stay active and ready for whatever life brings you. The program is grounded in the philosophy that exercise, moving every day, proper nutrient balance for daily nourishment and, community support are the keys to overall well-being.

Denise has also launched her very own magazine Fit Over 50 (in conjunction with Woman’s World parent company Bauer Media), which is focused on helping women over 50 feel like the best version of themselves. There are 5 issues of Fit Over 50 released per year, each with over 100 pages of content! Today, Denise is as active as ever and working to help women reach their goals, no matter their age or background.

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