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ON THE KNOWS with Randall Kenneth Jones, the NEW Jones.Show Podcast

Aug 1, 2019

Author, speaker, comic actor and Jones.Show host Randall Kenneth Jones brings his unique brand of creativity, infotainment & storytelling to a broad range of business, civic, and educational platforms. As a speaker, his unique material comes from his personal brain trust of 150+ celebrities, newsmakers and thought leaders who have taken a seat opposite him over the past eight years. These sometimes hysterical, always life-altering conversations are chronicled his book, “Show Me: Celebrities, Business Tycoons, Rock Stars, Journalists, Humanitarians, Attack Bunnies & More!” and featured on his popular podcast, Jones.Show. 

Guest host Eric Hunley is the creator and host of the Unstructured Podcast where he interviews a WIDE variety of guests ranging including authors, composers, FBI agents, podcasters, filmmakers, and more. He also has launched the new show, Portmanteau, where he has fun with Frankenwords.

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