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ON THE KNOWS with Randall Kenneth Jones, the NEW Jones.Show Podcast

Nov 7, 2019

Donna Lynne Champlin is best known as “Paula Proctor” on The CW’s, Emmy award-winning “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (for which she won the Gracie Award). Additional film and television: “Law & Order,” “Submissions Only,” “The Good Wife,” “Birdman,” “Younger,” “Downsizing,” “Another Period” and “Yes, God, Yes.” Broadway: “James Joyce’s The Dead,” “By Jeeves,” “Hollywood Arms,” “Sweeney Todd” and “Billy Elliot: The Musical.” Off-Broadway includes: Transport Group’s “First Lady Suite,” “Almost, Maine” and “The Dark at the Top of the Stairs” (OBIE Award), “Working” (Drama Desk Award), “The Qualms” and Shakespeare in the Park’s “As You Like It” and “The Taming of the Shrew.”

A Princess Grace Award winner, Champlin appears on numerous recordings as a vocalist (including “Sweeney Todd,” “My Life With Albertine” and her solo album “Old Friends”) and as a voiceover artist (Disney’s “Star Vs The Forces of Evil,” “Poetic License”). Upcoming: The NETFLIX movie, “Feel the Beat.”

JONES.SHOW is a weekly podcast featuring host Randall Kenneth Jones (author, speaker, and creative consultant) and announcer Susan C. Bennett (the original voice of Siri).

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