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Mar 30, 2023

Watercolorist, award-winning animal activist and actress, Loretta Swit is renowned for her starring role on TV's most honored series, M*A*S*H, for which she won two EMMY's and worldwide acclaim. 

Loretta could not be more thrilled or proud of the response to new fragrance, called SwitHeart, in its trademark heart-shaped bottle and exclusively for SwitHeart Animal Alliance Donors. SwitHeart perfume is not available in stores – it is only for donors to my SwitHeart Animal Alliance nonprofit! All proceeds go to the nonprofit

In addition, award-winning actress and activist, Loretta Swit, who received the BETTY WHITE Award from Actors & Others for Animals in 2017, choose that opportunity to announce the publication of “SWITHEART: The Watercolour Artistry & Animal  Activism of Loretta Swit” (Ultimate Symbol), in conjunction with the 45th anniversary year of M.A.S.H., and the role that brought her international acclaim as Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan.

“SwitHeart” chronicles the artwork of TV Icon Loretta Swit, a true champion of the animal kingdom. 

Loretta has devoted decades to animal-related causes and is a strong advocate for animals and animal rights. She has been awarded the 2016 Global Wildlife Conservation Champion Award by the GES Africa Conservation Fund for her support of animal conservation efforts, kindness, compassion and generosity.  Plus, she received the Betty White Award from Actors and Others for Animals, their highest honor.

What many fans may not know about the multi-talented thespian is that Loretta Swit has been an artist from age six. 'SwitHeart' ($49.95 / Hardcover) documents her animal portraits along with descriptive anecdotes about each and her extensive philanthropic work. 

Among her numerous recent acknowledgments, she just received the Global Champion Award at Metropolitan Fashion Week (along with Betty White and Ed Asner), The Compassion in Action Award (GES Africa Conservation Fund), two Career Achievement Awards (Film Festivals. Ft Lauderdale/St. Augustine), Westminster Animal Welfare & Leadership Award, the Red Cross Humanitarian Award, Global Wildlife Conservation Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Polish Film Festival.

“SwitHeart” includes 65 full-color paintings and drawings.  Proceeds from the book will be donated to charities and programs that are as dedicated, as Ms. Swit is, to ending animal suffering and cruelty.

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