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ON THE KNOWS with Randall Kenneth Jones, the NEW Jones.Show Podcast

Aug 29, 2019

I have been fortunate to have chatted with so many extraordinary women. And though there are many reasons to support women and women’s issues, I do it for a very personal reason: my daughter. She deserves everything the world has to give.

This BEST OF Episode is dedicated to the extraordinary Maribeth Jones.


Aug 22, 2019

Several of Jones.Show’s Season One guests are very familiar faces as each them has spent a fair amount of time on television. Listening back, what’s most fascinating to me is what happens when you can no longer SEE them. You’re forced to really LISTEN.

Featured this week:

Ginger Zee, ABC News
Val Chmerkovskiy,...

Aug 15, 2019

Many of Jones.Show’s Season One guests made us THINK, but a very special few made us FEEL. More than anything, when someone trusts you enough to share personal experiences and intimate thoughts, it’s a gift.

Featured are:

Daniel Ross, Voice of Donald Duck
Faith Prince, Tony Award-Winning Actress
Wren & Roch,...

Aug 8, 2019

From the producers of Judge Judy, HOT BENCH adds a new twist to the court genre, with the first-ever three-judge panel, taking you inside the courtroom and into their chambers as they deliberate.

Judge Michael Corriero and Judge Patricia DiMango appeared as guests on JONES.SHOW during Season One. Tanya Acker appeared...

Aug 1, 2019

Author, speaker, comic actor and Jones.Show host Randall Kenneth Jones brings his unique brand of creativity, infotainment & storytelling to a broad range of business, civic, and educational platforms. As a speaker, his unique material comes from his personal brain trust of 150+ celebrities, newsmakers and...