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May 30, 2019

The shift from legacy to digital infrastructure is central to many companies’ strategy to compete in a fast-changing world. But at the architectural level, such change can be hard — or at least expensive — to effect. Not everyone wants to break things when they move fast.

In this episode, our hosts,

May 16, 2019

There are always intense debates to be had when programmers try to decide what the best language will be to accomplish any given task.

In this episode, our co-hosts Alexey Vilas Boas and Rebecca Parsons are joined by Luciano Ramalho, renowned author and Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks Brazil to explore programming...

May 3, 2019

At ThoughtWorks, we’ve long been wary of the use of multiple cloud providers for the sake of it. We think there’s a significant upside in using the best provider for particular use cases. But in some regulated environments, organizations are forced to adopt a multicloud approach for highly critical workloads.