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May 18, 2015

In the most recent Technology Radar, Scott Shaw and his colleagues from the ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board have added Microservice Envy to the Hold Ring, because they are concerned people are overdoing it. Start small, start with one Microservice,” is Scott's advice. In this interview, Johannes Thönes talks to Scott about the prerequisites of being successful with a Microservice style architecture. First, you need to have an automatic deployment pipeline in place so you can deploy effectively and frequently to the cloud. You also need to have good DevOps practices and infrastructure automation around, so spinning up a dedicated server is not something that takes month. Scott explains, that for being able to do Microservices, you need to have a clear understanding of the domain, which will give your Microservices their bounded context rooted in your domain. His advice for green field application, especially when you don’t have the practices in place, is to start with a monolith (or one lonely Microservices) and then split it up, when it makes sense. “Services need to evolve," he says.