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Jul 1, 2016

In this episode of the ThoughtWorks Beacon Podcast, ThoughtWorkers Jonny LeRoy and Chelsea Komlo talk about security and specifically how it fits into the development process of an agile team. Jonny and Chelsea begin by talking about the "Security Sandwich" - a concept first coined in ThoughtWorks' Technology Radar. "We called it the security sandwich because the meat of your delivery was in the middle, but then security came on either side like the two pieces of bread, " Jonny explained. "And there would be some upfront security planning and documentation, and then some penetration testing and certification at the end. We are really on a mission to work out how to bake security processes into continuous delivery approaches." The podcast continues with Chelsea and Jonny providing next steps for tech leaders who want to incorporate a security culture within their respective teams. "One thing that's important to remember is that you're never going to completely be 100% secure, but you also want to be able to know if something is happening and react. So when we think about security, we think about both hardening our systems and also reacting," Chelsea reminds listeners. You can follow us on Twitter @thoughtworks. For more information on ThoughtWorks and our podcast, visit