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Mar 20, 2016

In this episode of the ThoughtWorks Beacon Podcast, Software Architect Neal Ford, Prasanna Pendse, Tech Principal, and Jonny LeRoy, Head of Technology, North America, discuss blockchain, how it differs from Bitcoin and what the future holds for the technology. [Disclaimer: This podcast isn't an introduction to blockchain. To the get the most out of it, you should have some knowledge of the technology.] During the conversation, Neal cautions that the current problems with Bitcoin have nothing to do with the viability of blockchain as a technology, “but has everything to do with all the non-technical aspects of currency and how messy that is in the real world.” The podcast closes with advice from Jonny on peeling back some of the underlying technologies to answer some key questions for technologists. How might you use blockchain? What types of problems could be solved with blockchain? These are really good questions to ask. The answer isn't always blockchain. Enjoy this episode of the ThoughtWorks podcast and, as always, please share your feedback and ideas with us @thoughtworks.