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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Sep 26, 2022

In today’s episode, Margaret talks about the betrayal of the body and how physical symptoms can sometimes uncover something deeper. She tells her story of how migraines took over her life despite taking the upmost care of herself and what she uncovered about her migraines when she dove deeper.

Margaret Floyd Barry is a functional nutritionist, real food advocate, and the author of Eat Naked and its follow-up cookbook, the Naked Foods Cookbook.  

Having seen family members suffer the devastating effects of chronic illness from a young age, Margaret has long had the desire to help others find a better way back to optimal health and wellbeing. Through years of experience working with the most complex client cases, including reversing her own autoimmune condition, Margaret has established a powerful system for restoring health by addressing the root cause of illness.   

Today, Margaret runs Eat Naked Kitchen - a thriving private practice that supports clients in achieving true health and vitality through therapeutic diets and lifestyle changes. She also helps fellow practitioners build their own successful practice through Restorative Wellness Solutions - a 2-year certification program for qualified health professionals. 

In This Episode 

  • Mama migraine
  • What is the intention of the symptoms?
  • What is your body trying to tell you? 


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