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Mar 18, 2019

It’s 2019, and we’re taking the time to talk about … a Backstreet Boys album? Well, the legendary boy band’s latest album “DNA” marks their first to debut at number-one in 19 years, and has been winning fans over with its nostalgic sound with a hint of modern pop. But does the new record prove to “Everybody” that Backstreet’s back (alright… yeah, we make a ton of puns in this episode)?


That’s what Matt and Zach have to determine in Epic Footnote Productions’ “2 Minutes to Review,” a podcast that’s part album review and part competition. In each episode, both hosts are given two minutes each to review a newly released album, a recent reissue, or a record they’re revisiting after years of going unlistened. Whoever gives the longest review in under two minutes wins.