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Jul 22, 2020

What was Sevendust’s original band name? What does Clint Lowery remember most about playing Woodstock 99? Does the guitarist feel appearing on “Mortal Kombat: More Kombat” or the WWE’s soundtracks helped Sevendust reach a larger audience?


Find out in a new episode of “Tell The Truth (And A Lie)” - an interview series where musicians share two obscure facts about themselves and one fib that could fool even a diehard fan. Matt and Zach then have to use their music knowledge to determine which 2 facts are true and which is a lie.

And listen to part 1 of our chat with Clint in “There Goes My Hero” - where he shares how the passing of his mother impacted his “Grief & Distance” EP, how he hopes Sevendust’s future touring plans will incorporate each member’s solo projects, and what it was like to play onstage with his idol Steve Vai: