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Apr 21, 2023

To say that the legal battle between Mötley Crüe and former guitarist Mick Mars escalated extremely fast is an understatement - with both sides making harsh claims about each other in the public eye. So how did we end up here? Is either side truly in "the right"? Should we even be surprised that Mötley Crüe is responsible for what promises to become one of the ugliest legal battles in rock?


That’s what Matt and Zach discuss in the latest episode of “Am I Missing Something?,” a podcast where we analyze popular or unpopular bands, albums, songs or music trends in an attempt to figure out what we seem to be “missing.” The goal isn’t to ridicule, but rather to gain a better understanding of what a majority of fans see or don’t see in something that Matt and Zach simply can’t wrap their heads around.


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